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About 10 days ago, I received a call from a couple who said they were relocating here from Ireland. They have relatives in this area and began their search for a home here while still in Ireland via the net. Thanks to your placement of my site in many search engines, my website was one of the first ones that came up when they keyed in this area. From my site they were able to search all of MLS.ca and get an idea of what was available. After getting a "feel" for the market over here, Mark turned to his wife Pamela and said ... Right, now lets go find the guy with the hat and buy a home!

Well Chris, just 3 days ago they bought a $190,000 backsplit in Sutton through me which is closing at the end of August and they are just amazed at how fast and effortlessly everything came together once they put their plan in action via the internet.

My site is working extremely well and has also brought me a couple from Chile who wanted to buy a retirement home on the water in the Haliburton area. That wonderful lead allowed me to "double-end" a property that I had listed over there. But, that's another story.

Chuck & Liz Toplis
"Lifestyle Specialists"


"This is my second website and I am so pleased -- there is no comparison. My last website was a disaster, -- it took forever to update the info.

This one is so user friendly and the admin staff are very supportive.

They provide excellent training and have made themselves available by phone at anytime I needed assistance. I have also had many compliments on the appearance of the website. "

Ms. Mary O'brien

I am thrilled with my new website. It is so easy to maintain... I especially like the ability of importing MLS listings.

When Chris from EasyWebRealEstate came to our office to do a presentation, he told us all the usual "stuff".... that it was easy to maintain, that his company would provide great service... all the things we are usually skeptical about because it often isn't the case once you've "signed on the dotted line". Well, it WAS the case, I'm happy to say. In fact, in my opinion, the people at EasyWebRealEstate, namely Gillian, among others, have supplied assistance beyond just maintaining my site and getting it off the ground, as since I'm far from 100% "computer literate", they've helped me with some general "computer lingo".

In short, it's almost too good to be true! Definitely superb value.

Bravo, EasyWebRealEstate, and Good Luck!!!

Ms. Chris Thompson

"Right from the start everyone was very communicative.

They always keep in
touch and provide great service. I am very happy with my EasyWebRealEstate website."

Ms. Mary Kay McCoy

Please let me pass on a well-deserved pat on the back! I wanted you to let you know that I'm really impressed with your fabulous service and with the
amazing flexibility of my EasyWebSuite real estate site; I wasn't expecting either to be so great!

I have a lot of experience working with web designers on a past project, so I know just how much thought and expense must have gone into your system to give it the ability to accommodate someone like me, an Exclusive Buyer Agent who doesn't accept listings. Even though I just got my site on line recently, I've already used the content management features to craft my marketing message exactly the way I want it, with the look I want even though I haven't yet had the chance to attend the 1 hour telephone training session!

I am also amazed at how quickly (and politely!) Gillian Rouw responded to my questions about items I needed to set up at the last minute before leaving on a 10 day vacation.

Mr. Mark Vandermaas

"I would like to say how much I appreciate the many features and flexibilities of my new EasyWebRealEstate website.                              The service has been
excellent, and the attention to detail on the site is outstanding. I can hardly wait for the next version!

Ms. Christina Pilon

"This website is head and shoulders above any one that I have had in the past, and anyone that I have seen in the industry. Easy to navigate for the public, easy to manage for the real estate professional and cost effective. Best of all, it looks great!"

Mr. Murray Van Halem


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